Barn Door Inspiration

Barn Door Inspiration

I am absolutely in LOVE with the idea of barn doors. I want to put them everywhere in my house. I live in the country in Montana and I really love the idea of incorporating such a country/rustic atmosphere in my home yet still having a very chic and modern twist on it. I wanted to share with you my ideas and inspiration and a little DIY. I am in the beginning stages of remodeling my entry way and laundry room and I am looking for inspiration for a design. I have always wanted to do something with barn doors in my house. My one drawback to all the barn door tutorials that I have been perusing is that I didn’t have enough wall space to slide my barn door for a closet or cabinet. This really made me sad. I did some further digging and realized I don’t need that extra space to slide the door to get this look.
Here are my eye sores right now that I am dealing with. My laundry room cabinets were such a horrible color of yellow that I had to do something immediately so I painted them this white and grey till I could find the time to really make them look gorgeous.

Laundry room cabinet redo and diy

This is a tall broom closet that would actually work with a sliding rail but then I would lose some storage on the wall for hats, etc.

Laundry Room Cabinets Redo/DIYLaundry Room Sink Cabinets DIY/Redo

These are my laundry room cabinets that need a serious uplift.  I think they would be so adorable with some hobby wood framing them out and then possibly making them into a barn door theme.

I wanted to share with you my findings on some great inspiration for barn door style without having the sliding action.  It was important for me to find posts that actually are great at showing how exactly they made them and altered certain pieces so here you go.

This first post is from Remodelaholic which I love.  This post is actually an add on that stemmed from making a baby gate looking like a barn door.  Genius!

Remodelaholic’s Barn Door Baby Gate

barn door baby gate

You can check out the entire door on this link.  There is also a tutorial on how to use paint to sort of white wash your wood for this awesome look.

Dutch Barn Door

dutch barn door

I absolutely love this idea and what I am thinking is using this design to go over my sliding broom closet door.  I wouldn’t have the top and the bottom open separately but I love the design of this barn door look.

Another awesome post I found with instructions in from a very inspirational blog called :

Four Generations One Roof

mini barn doors tutorial 2_thumb[2]

How awesome and adorable are these cabinet doors.  I am thinking of doing this style for my laundry room cabinets.  She also gives you a great detailed tutorial on how she did these.  LOVE THEM!

In this post she has another idea for cabinet doors and these are a sliding version but I think they would be just as cute without sliding.

Sliding Barn Door “Closet” Doors


I love the design with the cross pieces in there.

Ok, now on to my closet entry way doors.


Plain closet doors

This sort of wood veneer is everywhere in my house and this is what I want to change and make them WAY cuter.


Barn Door Closet Doors

Here is the design I want to use for my boring entry way closet doors.  I think these are gorgeous even in the white.  There is no tutorial on how they did these but Four Generations One Roof and Remodelaholic did such a great job at giving a tutorial I think I get the gist of things.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for my final reveal of my own.

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