Crochet Gerry Giraffe

Crochet Gerry Giraffe

This is one of my favorite things to crochet.  I am not much of a stuffed animal fan but this guy immediately stole my heart when I stumbled upon him.

I was in search of something to make for a friend of mine who was having a baby shower.  I wanted to do something different when it came to crochet because I had recently made a lot of baby hats and such so was sort of bored of those.

I wish I could take credit for this pattern but unfortunately I Love Buttons did an amazing job at making an easy to understand and straight forward.  Intermediate crochet is about the extent of my expertise so this was perfect.

Here is the link to the blog post and pattern from I Love Buttons

Here is my finished Gerry Giraffe

Aviary Photo_130728437801761240

Yes, this was my very first time making this so learned some lessons but he is so stinking cute, right?

I ran into one problem after I made him.  My son loved him so much that I couldn’t give him as a gift so I had to crochet some other things instead.

I have made a ton of these guys since then and I love making them in so many different colors.


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One Response to Crochet Gerry Giraffe

  1. Sandra Van Dessel says:

    Love, love LOVE…Gerry Giraffe! Too cute… I may have to learn how to crochet!!

    When the boys were young, all their plush animals had same consonant names. Bob the Bison ( whom we bought in Yellowstone, when we met your hubby YEARS ago) still sits on my dresser.

    Great blog! Happy Spring in the Sweet Grass Hills.

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