DIY Closet Barn Doors

DIY Barn Door Closet Doors

I am so excited about these doors I can’t believe it.

First, I am going to admit that my closet doors are ancient and the wood on them isn’t that great because it was so dried out and brittle.  I should have started over from using a new chunk of wood for my base but what’s done is done and they still look great.

Here are my closet doors before I started.  They weren’t necessarily ugly but they were just so boring and my house is covered in this natural wood color that has a veneer over the top and it’s just not my style.

Plain closet doors


Here is a step by step tutorial of how I put these together.

First I took my doors off and sanded them to rough up the veneer so when I primed them the paint would stick.

I used hobby wood from your local hardware store.  I used 1/4″ x 3″ to trim out the outside and middle piece of my doors and the middle X is a 1/4″ x 2″.

Next, I laid out my hobby boards on the top of my doors exactly and measured my cuts.  Using my chop saw I cut all my pieces out as needed.

diy framed barn closet doors  diy framed barn closet doors

Now that I have everything laid out and cut it’s time to glue and nail everything into place.

diy barn closet doors  nailed door accents

I used 18 gauge x 5/8″ brads in my brad nailer.  I officially love using this brad nailer.  It’s so much fun using power tools 🙂

Once I got all the outside trimmed up I made the cuts for the inside of my doors to really give it the barn door look.  There are so many barn door styles you can do.  I didn’t realize the choices but after laying things out this is the style I chose.

sanded barn closet doors

Now that I had them all glued and nailed I needed to fill all my nail holes and seems with wood filler.  Just use a metal troul to fill it in and smooth it out.  After it had dried I gave everything I good light sanding.  My seems I had to go back through again and fill one last time and don’t forget to sand it so it’s smooth.

primed barn closet doors

Now it was time to prime everything.  I used a construction primer that I had laying around but next time I am going to use a bonding primer for the door only because of the veneer on my existing doors.  It sticks better!

I put 2 more coats of satin white paint on next and TADA!

Barn door closet doors

Here is my finished masterpiece.  I absolutely love them and I want to do this all over my house.  My laundry room cabinets will be a version of this next.

I did have to put in a second rail next to my existing rail because I was off by 1/16″ of using only 1 rail to hang my doors.

Closet door rails

You don’t even notice any gaps or the second rail however unless you look for it.

I do want to put a coat of semi gloss white over the top for a final coat because it will clean up better in the entry way.  Just imagine some case moulding to trim the closet out and it will be amazing.

I can’t put the case moulding on yet because I am tiling my entry way and that has to be done first.  Too many projects!

I hope you all enjoyed my little tutorial.

Here is a list of my tools that I used in case you need something.

Porter Cable Brad Nailer

Porter Cable 18 Gauge 5/8″ Brads

 Franklin Titebond Wood Glue

Elmer’s Wood Filler

My sander died as I was almost done so I got to order this awesome new one.

 Dewalt Palm Sander

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