Fabric Flower Tutorial


I have been wanting to make fabric flowers for a long time now.  I finally came across a good tutorial from pinterest and here are how mine turned out.

I actually tried many different things for the centers and the best fit was a brad from my scrapbook drawer.  I decided to put one of the flowers on a headband for a friend of mine who is having a baby in a couple weeks.  It turned out super cute.



I secured it to the headband using the brad and then hot glueing a piece of felt as the backing so it was soft.

Here is the link to the fabric flower tutorial thehouseofsmiths blog that shows you in detail how to go about putting this together.

Here is another idea I had to use these flowers.


I also wanted to add these to some stretchy necklaces with some chunky beads.


So many great ideas to do with these cute little embellishments.

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