Farmhouse Dream Kitchen

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So the last time I left you I had my kitchen demoed.  We removed a portion of a wall in the kitchen/living room and opened up the two rooms with another entrance.

Now it is time to put things back together and continue my farmhouse dream kitchen.  I had the opportunity to texture my ceiling.  I had watched a lot of youtube videos on different techniques and I figured “why not”.

So I watered down some drywall “mud” so it was a runny consistency but still thick enough it would hold onto a sponge.  The best analogy I can give you would be maybe Mayonnaise?  I then took a large sponge and spread it on the ceiling then blotted the ceiling with the sponge to get a raised affect.  I let it dry for maybe 5 minutes then I took a trowel and “knocked it down”.  Basically just took off the rough edges from the blotting.

Here was my result.


I love it and I extremely proud of how it turned out.  I think Uncle Marv would have given me a pat on the back for this one 😉

One glorious day a huge semi truck came rolling into my yard and unloaded about 25+ huge boxes full of cabinets.  They really aren’t kidding when they tell you to clear out your entire garage for the shipment.  Now it was time for my kitchen to get pieced back together.

We hired a contractor for this because even though we loved to DIY this was way above our heads and it probably would have taken us a year to complete.  Here are some pics along the way.




Now I was ready for a counter top.  I was beyond excited for this because I had been using a piece of drywall over my island covered by an outdoor tablecloth.  This was courtesy of my genius husband who was tired of me complaining.

20130702_165711 20130702_165737

Along with my counter top they installed my undermount sink.  I purchased my sink and faucet from  I googled a coupon code as well and got 20% off my sink and faucet 😉

Next arrived my appliances.  I decided to go all Jenn-Air except for my fridge which I decided on an LG (Jenn-Air didn’t have a large enough fridge for us).  With the purchase of all of my Jenn-Air appliances a qualified for a free top of the line Jenn-Air dishwasher.  This was a promotion that Jenn-Air had going on at the time.



My kitchen was almost complete with the exception of flooring, backsplash, and a working hood.  Just a little tip on the vent hood above my stove.  We could have ordered this directly through Shenandoah with our cabinets but I did a little research and we got it online from another store for half the price that Shenandoah was going to charge us.

Next we had to install our hardwood flooring but before we did that we wanted to switch out the front door with a french door.  We weren’t big fans of the glass side lights that were there before.

20130606_174450 20130709_194111

FRONT DOOR BEFORE                                    FRONT DOOR AFTER


French door view from living room looking into kitchen.  I am in love with my french door and I am planning to add more to my house later.  I think they are gorgeous.

Next up is a tile backsplash, stay tuned!


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