Farmhouse Kitchen Demo

Farmhouse Kitchen Demo

So the first thing I had to do when we moved into the new farm house was update the kitchen.  I had such great ideas and my inspiration was this single picture that I found on Pinterest.

My Kitchen

I loved everything about this kitchen.  I have always wanted a white kitchen.  Everyone says “but it’s gonna be so hard to keep clean”.  I didn’t care I think it’s gorgeous.  Come to find out it is super easy to keep clean and white hides soooo much.  Weird I know!  So here is what I was handed when we moved in.

20121225_114537  20121225_114556

It is sort of a U shaped kitchen and it’s hard to really tell in pictures since I didn’t take a picture straight on into the room 🙁

There were a lot of great things about this kitchen (like the size) but it wasn’t being functionally used which was unfortunate.  My other huge dilemma was that the oven didn’t work properly and was very hard for me to use.  If anyone knows me they know how much of a problem this was and this had to be fixed ASAP.

I was actually planning on re-purposing these cabinets and just putting on new doors but quickly realized that the bases were metal and you can’t really buy them anymore because I needed to add on a few cabinets.  It was back to the drawing board and time to pick out new cabinets.  I was pleasantly surprised when I went into my local Lowes Home Improvement Store.  I quickly decided on Shenandoah Cabinets because they had exactly what I was looking for.  I was even able to order my crown molding with my cabinets.  We went with Winchester cabinets with a maple cream glaze.  The great thing about this company was the month we ordered we got free hardware and a free sink base which saved us almost $800.  Another positive ordering from Lowe’s is that with our purchase we got a gift card for 10% of our total purchase.  SCORE!  The deals change every month so make sure and get the skinny for the Lowe’s staff on when the best time is to order your cabinets.

Now that I had my cabinets on order it was the scary task of picking out a counter top.  I was so nervous about this because the wrong color would completely ruin my kitchen concept.  I consulted a friend who just remodeled and she had got a gorgeous counter top the was actually quartz but it looked like granite (exactly what I wanted).  The great thing about quartz is that it doesn’t absorb anything you put on it and it is more durable than granite and holds up to heat better.


Here is what I came up with.  This is a quartz from PentalQuartz and the color is Tobacco.  I was nervous about the white and cream clashing but it works very well.  I was elated when I found this because I was really starting to panic about my choices.

I couldn’t start demo fast enough.  One of the hard parts about demoing this kitchen was all the fake wood paneling that was on the walls.  Let me remind you that this house was built in the 50’s and I am pretty sure they just melted tar to adhere the panels to the walls.   YIKES!!!  It took me hours just to remove the paneling.



I decided to call in reinforcements.  My brother and my dad came over for literally an hour and my kitchen was ripped apart and looked amazing.  They took out the wall that the oven was in and made it open up to the other side of the living room (in it’s place was a closet in the living room we didn’t really need).  Here are the results.


My saviors (brother and dad) removing that monster of an oven and cabinet.

20130529_224351 20130529_224429

I should mention that me and the hubby stripped out the closet a few days earlier.

20130527_154743 20130527_221637

Gotta give credit where it’s due 😉

So next we finished taking out all the cabinets once we had a ship date for our new cabinets.

I also had to remove the popcorn ceiling that was in the kitchen.  This was super easy minus the neck cramps after.  All I had to do was get a spray bottle of water and spray the ceiling wait a couple minutes then scrape it all off with a trowel.  It’s really messy but super easy.  I would seriously recommend putting down a tarp to collect all the popcorn.

Sorry I didn’t take a picture of everything out of the kitchen 🙁

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