Gluten Free Breaded Catfish


Gluten free fried catfishLOVE, catfish!

This is a recipe that I adapted to be gluten free.  I did some experimenting and this came out better than I had ever imagined.

Ok, start with some yummy catfish (I got this stuff at Costco).  You can also use many other fillet’s such as Cod, Walleye, or Trout.  Just make sure you have most of the bones out 😉  My father in law catches like a MILLION fish, he doesn’t brag (he loves to fish to say the least) so I have an endless supply of fish when my Costco catfish runs out.

To prepare your breading you need about 1C. gluten free Rice Crispies.  I have also used Corn Flakes or for a sweeter fish Frosted Flakes in place of Rice Crispies.  Smash all your Rice Crispies till they are finer pieces, you don’t really need powder.

To the Rice Crispies you will add 4 heaping Tbsp. each brown rice flour and tapioca flour  (you can swap out potato starch flour for tapioca if your in a bind, you can even use corn starch in place of it).

Now this is the fun part were you can season your fish however you like.  You can do a lemon pepper blend, Old Bay, or come up with your own version.  I will usually use one of the above depending on what I feel like that night.

Gluten free fish breading for fried catfish

Next, make an egg wash.  I use about 3-4 eggs and whisk them up.  Make sure you use nice shallow and wide dishes so you can dip your fish in each.

Now you will coat your fish with the egg wash then dip it into your flour blend and coat both sides evenly.

Breaded catfish dredge


You can break out your Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker/Steamer, I love mine and use it all the time especially for home made french fries (or a shallow fry pan) and fry them in oil.  This is the most amazing fish fried because the fine bones in the catfish just cook up and you can chew them without even knowing it.

Catfish Fry

Here is your mouth watering result

Breaded Catfish

Now my favorite thing to do right before I serve it is to squeeze a little lemon juice on top.  YUM!

I served this true Southern style with collard greens and fries.

Gluten free fried catfish

Remind me later to give you my collard greens recipe.  So delicious and so good for you.  My 4 year old loves them 😉

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  1. Ann says:

    I have never had colloard greens… What do they taste like? And we’ll definatly be trying this 🙂

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