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My name is Jennifer, I am a wife, mother, homemaker extraordinaire living in Montana.  I am also a cake decorator/designer.  I love food, anything arts and crafts, and any excuse to throw a party.  I spent most of my younger years moving all over the state of Washington and visiting the Oregon coast (which I miss dearly).  My father decided we needed a safer place to grown up so he decided to move us out to Montana.  I was devistated.  Our new town had around 100 people and there was no shopping for the next 35 miles.  This was a shock for my sister and I since we were used to being dropped off at the mall on occasion with our friends.  I moved down to Bozeman, MT after I graduated to follow my high school sweetheart.  I created a very successful business as a wedding cake designer/baker which I absolutely loved and miss.  After 12 years living there my husband decided it was time to move back to the family farm.  I was not very excited to go back but it is slowly growing on me and it’s a great place for my 2 adorable children to grow up and be closer to their grandparents.  This blog is a journey of my trial and error living on a family farm in the middle of nowhere learning to remodel my new farmhouse and raise my family in the best environment I can provide.  I hope you enjoy my posts and can relate to my daily mishaps and successes.  Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Tammy Mitzel says:

    You are an amazing young women, your so talented and such a great person, best of luck on your journey! Aunt Tammy and Uncle Robert

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