If anyone has visited my neck of the woods they know that it is very desolate and peaceful.  The winter’s can get a little unbearable and they are so windy at times you might think the end of the world has come and is wiping everything off the planet.  When these times last a little longer than they should you really have to get away and recharge to endure the rest of winter.  This is why I wanted to post about the places I have been and the things we did while we were there.

I want to be very specific in the places we ate, activities and the culture to give you a more informed post.  This is so that when you decide for yourself that it is time to recharge you know exactly what kind of a vacation you are going to get without having to cruise the internet for weeks on end to get a truthful view on the destination or type of vacation you are looking for.  I hope this page helps you be better informed about your vacation choices.  Happy Travels!

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